Have you got the balls?

Stuart Amory, Personal Trainer

keep calm and check your balls

I tried, I really have been trying to ‘Keep Calm’ but thinking you may be told that you may have a few months to live is a position that will test the calmest of us all!!!

I felt something unusual in my right testicle but thought nothing of it…put it to the back of my mind and got on with marathon prep as that was more important. But every time I went for a wee, there they or it was, reminding me that I should get it checked out.

I mentioned it to my girlfriend Kirsty, who rightfully said “Get it checked out!” but after a few days I told her that it had gone (LIAR!).

To cut a long story short it was on my mind for over a month but after spending a Dirty Weekend in a tent with Sean (please click the link!!!) having ‘Man Chats’…

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Violence Against Women is Not a Joke

Girls' Globe

Exgirlfriend_target dollAngry at an ex-girlfriend or wife? Here, shoot at a bleeding, half-naked “Ex-girlfriend” target doll. It’s only a dummy – just meant for practice.

..Practice for what, exactly?

This doll was displayed at the annual National Rifle Association (NRA) Convention by its manufacturer, Zombie Industries (ZI). According to some reports, it has since been discontinued – but in fact, the company merely re-named it “Alexa” in stead of “The Ex”. Some people have claimed that the doll was never referred to as “The Ex” – but an image currently on ZI website curiously still refers to the female target doll package as “The Ex Box” (I’m sure whoever thought that one up considered themselves very funny and clever).

“Alexa” is still being sold by Zombie Industries, and unlike most of the “zombie” dolls, she does not have green skin, nor does she resemble a zombie. I also fail to…

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Sleep Running

The Snarky Scoop

I’m running a 3.5 mile race today. I know, I know, I’m not a runner. I still relate to that post, but alas, here I am, lacing up the kicks for what can only be described as voluntary physical and mental pain. I’ve been running early in the morning before work for the past few weeks to get myself into some sort of shape. After nearly collapsing after a slow two miles yesterday, I’m just as slow and lung capacity-deprived as I imagined I would be come race day. Excellent.

Over-exertion aside, I am not a morning person. I have no idea how I’ve been forcing myself out of bed at 6AM when my eyes are burning so badly that it feels like someone put hot coals on them. I legitimately don’t know what I’ve been telling myself in order to get out of bed instead of sleeping for…

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